Producing 3d models for Creative and technical projects. Crafting using next gen tools.


Utilizing modern technologies like Virtual reality and interactive Visualization tools to render the next big thing.


Providing experience and opportunities to use modern technologies to the full advantage.


Creating experiences that transport and inspire you with magic and pixie dust.


"Infusing technologies with creativity is our greatest ambition. We use a modular service approach to enhance the uniqueness of each project."

Timothy van de Bilt

It has been a pleasure working together with Timothy on the design&built project This is Holland, a brand new flying theatre attraction in Amsterdam. His talent for 3D-modeling and VR combined with his boundless passion for theme-parks and attractions, made him an indispensable part of the team. Timothy is a hard-working and ambitious creative who showed me the huge possibilities of digital design & visualization. His knowledge makes him a great addition to any future design-team!

Ruben Vissers

Ruben Vissers

Project management and engineering website

Timothy’s expertise on VR and 3D rendering/modelling has been of great support in the design team for several projects. He is skilled in many different design programs and is always eager to find better and new solutions in his field. By being able to use VR during the design-phase, it made it easier for us to make important decisions but it also helped us to convince the client.

Thomas Froger

Thomas Froger

Architect website

Timothy van de Bilt has a great passion for the leisure industry. He is very innovative with his 3d design skills and he is very creative with technical solutions in this field. i would recommend using his 3d design skills on a project

Johnny Ruisch

Johnny Ruisch

Creative Director website

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